Creating a WordPress custom Theme

Is 2016 a bit to “futuristic” for your? 2015 too old? Sometimes creating your own WordPress custom theme can give the flexibility that you need.

But where to start? Well, one could open notepad and design an amazing theme from the scratch. BUT… this might interest you:

Fantastic skeleton theme for your own creation, I personally use this.

Easy to setup .scss and .sass compiler, has options to minify your css on the go, highly recommended for theme creation.

Extremely flexible grid system, much easier and flexible than bootstrap and foundation, check their website, trust me.

Easy to setup menu. It does require some customization, would recommend customization through css instead of admin.

Why do I need a custom theme?

Well, you actually don’t, that is the great thing about WordPress. There is a myriad of themes and frameworks that suits all needs. But developing your own theme can really help to improve your coding skills. The level of customization that can be reached is limitless and it will depend really on your skills.

In coming articles, we will talk about responsive websites and how your custom theme can be easily transformed to suit different medias.

Create your own wordpress custom theme